The textiles we produce are characterized by a complex weave of warp and weft threads that interlace in an intricate manner reminiscent of architectural structures. At POLS we consider woven textiles not as flat and two-dimensional, but as sculptural and harboring depth. It is for this reason that they permeate with a vibrant sense of tactility.
We aim to create textiles with an almost live and organic feel, which simultaneously confronts and blends in with the bare and refined textures of the city. If the act of adorning oneself is a means of teleportation that adheres to the rapid changes that occur everyday in the city, then let us become involved with these circumstances of urban life. Let us embrace and enjoy it. It’s POLS’ way of playing hide-and-seek.



Place : Sumida Hokusai Museum (Tokyo , JAPAN )

Direction : SUN-AD Company Limited : Yohei Shirai / Takashi Ando / Ayako Hattori
Photography : Go Itami
Hair Make: Tohru Saita
Model : Yu Kaino
Production & Sales : MARUMAN inc.

Creative Director & Design : Kanako Kajihara
Assistant Design : Kaoru Imai
Producer & Director : Jumpei Maruyama
Jacquard Design : Yoshinori Ueda
Wear Design & Pattern : Yuko Miyamoto
Assistant Creation & Sales & Press : Koichi Takai / Tomoko Tsuchiya

Launch : 2020 Spring Summer


Exhibition : Interior Lifestyle 2019